Built To Your Specifications

Roundhouse & Lift Carriage





The Cableway lift is built by Harusch Lifts – a manufacturer with about 40 years of experience in the cable transport industry.  We specialize in small custom designs and projects and can provide a high level of personalized service in the planning, customization, installation, and maintenance of your incline lift.  Our pricing and services are highly competitive in the cable transport industry.

  • We can install the lift for you, or provide it as a kit which you or a sub-contractor can then assemble.
  • We can provide you with site layout planning and lift integration planning.
  • The lift wagon will be customized to fit your requirements. For example:
    • simple platform with a bench seat (2 seat, plus open area for standing/wheelchair/dog/bike/groceries etc)
    • covered gondola
    • open platform material transport wagon (very useful during the building phase of your home/cabin)
    • wheelchair and other accessibility requirements
    • multi-purpose transformable wagon
    • transport platform for wheeled containers/small vehicles/small boatsIMG_5965
  • The lift docking bays can be customized for your site in a variety of ways:
    • integrated into buildings or carports or standalone
    • designed for specific loading requirements (wheelchairs, boats, construction materials, etc…)
  • Operating controllers will be integrated into the lift and wagon to fit your needs.
  • The standard lift operating speed range can be adjusted to your needs and comfort range.
  • The cableway can be anywhere from 100 feet to over 1000 feet (300 metres) in length.

With Bicycle


Whatever your requirements – we will be happy to work with you to make it work!  Please inquire about your cableway lift today.