The Cableway Design

The Cableway lift is designed to be easy to operate, safe, comfortable to ride, cost effective to acquire and easy to integrate into your site.

Upper docking station

  • The ride is pleasant and smooth as the wagon rides on two high tension main cables.
  • Comfortable and quick – two minute ride per 400 ft of up or down travel.
  • Ski lift type drive system with a bullwheel instead of a winch driven system.
  • Frequency controlled electrical drive using standard household current.


High suspension cabling

Safety is our highest priority:


  • cable strength is rated at over 40,000 lbs
  • multiple redundent breaking systems with two independent cable loops attached to the gondola:
    • electronic inverter dynamic breaking system
    • direct to motor coupled disk break as service break
    • centrifugal over-speed break on the secondary safety cable loop
  • the wagon travels just above ground – between 2-4 ft (about 1 metre) on average
  • all components are high quality, industrial grade components.





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