Whether you need to access the beach on your property from a road above, or you have a cabin on a slope with the road in the valley below – the Cableway Hillside Lift is a small incline elevator designed to make getting up and down your hillside property safe, comfortable, affordable, fun and easy.

Watch the video to see the Cableway in action:


The Cableway allows you to:

  • build a house or cabin with a high degree of privacy and a view far away from the roadway
  • increase accessibility for the elderly, people with disabilities, and guests.
  • avoid the need to build and maintain long driveways and switchbacks
  • mitigate hillside erosion and landslide effects
  • create greater accessibility between a cottage and primary residence
  • provide ready access between a garage by the roadway and a primary residence on a hill
  • transport bulky materials/boats/small vehicles up and down the hill.
  • increase the value of your property by making it more accessible.



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